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Sod Delivery & Installation Complete Backyard Renovation

Our sod Installation Process is simple. We Start by removing & disposing of the current lawn with a sod cutter or in case of larger yards we use heavy machinery. Once the lawn is removed, we spread a 3-5" thickness of premium soil. At this time we make sure your yard is properly graded. We Pick up our sod the same day, meaning that your sod is cut the same day it is installed. Once installed, we use stakes to make sure your sod settles in without rodents or squirrels getting in the way. 


Let's Work Together - Let us install your new lawn 


How to Maintain Sod after installation?

For The first Week after installation, we recommend watering 3x per day because the roots in the new sod need much more constant moisture. You need to provide your sod with enough water to thoroughly soak the first few inches of soil .

Sod Installation durham Region
Sod Installation Clarington

8-12 Days After Installation, You can Water once a day. If it is a hotter and drier period  we recommend twice a day. 

Sod Installation Services Kentucky Blue Grass

3 weeks after installation you may go back to your normal watering schedule. We recommend once a day but 3-4 times a week will satisfy your lawns needs. 

Durham/Clarington Premium Sod Installation

Make Sure When Mowing not to cut too short. This can Stress out your grass and put your new Sod at risk.

Sod Installation Clarington Landscape

Minimize foot traffic on your new sod as the new roots will need time to grow stronger. Foot Traffic can cause disturbances for the new roots, such as too much weight. 

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