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 Pergolas in Markham-Durham-Clarington-Kawartha 

Transform Your Outdoor space with a Custom Pergola

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Pergolas are sophisticated outdoor structures that offer a handful of benefits for homeowners and businesses. Here are compelling reasons to consider investing in a pergola:

  1. Architectural Elegance: Pergolas elevate the aesthetic appeal of any property, adding a touch of architectural sophistication and enhancing outdoor spaces with their timeless charm.

  2. Functional Outdoor Living: These structures create versatile outdoor living spaces ideal for hosting gatherings, dining al fresco, or simply unwinding in a serene environment. They provide partial shade, allowing for comfortable outdoor activities while protecting against harsh sunlight.

  3. Customization Options: With a range of materials, designs, and accessories available, pergolas can be tailored to match the unique style and functional requirements of any property. Options such as retractable canopies, integrated lighting, and climate control features further enhance their versatility.

  4. Property Value Enhancement: Installing a pergola is an investment that not only enhances your quality of life but also adds significant value to your property. Prospective buyers appreciate well-designed outdoor spaces, making a pergola a desirable feature that can increase resale value.

  5. Expert Construction Services: Partnering with experienced construction professionals ensures the seamless integration of a pergola into your outdoor space. From initial design concepts to meticulous installation, reputable contractors like us at MLC Landscape & Construction deliver top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

A pergola is a sophisticated addition that combines aesthetic appeal, functional versatility, and property value enhancement. With MLC Landscape's expert construction services, you can transform your outdoor space into a captivating and functional retreat that enhances your lifestyle and property value.


At MLC Landscaping, we take pride in being a top-provider at building decks, fences & Pergolas. Serving the Durham-Clarington & Kawartha area and with years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we bring expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail to every project. Our designs are customized to suit your space and lifestyle, using high-quality materials for durability and visual appeal. Similarly, our fence installations are done with precision, ensuring privacy, security, and aesthetics. Trust MLC Landscape & Construction for top-quality decks and fences that enhance your outdoor living experience and add value to your property.









At MLC, we take immense pride in every project we undertake, fueled by a commitment to precision, creativity, and expert workmanship. Our team of skilled professionals approaches each job with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of your outdoor space is crafted with the highest level of precision. From intricate hardscaping designs to lush greenery arrangements, we blend creativity and technical expertise to bring your vision to life in a way that exceeds expectations.

Our confidence in the quality of our work is unwavering, which is why we offer a warranty of 3 years on our poolside interlock services. This warranty speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence and our belief in the long-lasting durability of our landscaping solutions. We stand by our work, knowing that our craftsmanship will withstand the test of time/weather and continue to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor environment for years to come. When you choose us, you're not just getting a landscaping service – you're getting a guarantee of exceptional results that you can trust and admire for years to come.

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